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Inspiring audiences and delivering incredible insights that move people to action.


Jason offers trusted insights and valuable perspectives on the issues that matter most in the world of work.


Discover what can happen to employers who fail to take GREAT care of their employees.


As the go-to expert on Employee Relations, Jason Greer has been featured in multiple media outlets.

Are you ready to transform your workplace and drive productivity to new heights?

Jason Greer has spent nearly 20 years leading dynamic changes in a variety of industries, working with companies such as Nike, Activision Blizzard, and the U.S. Army to increase employee retention, conduct workplace investigations, transform manager and employee challenges, and solve diversity-related issues. He is also the leading authority in the media on labor relations.

As a result of his success, Jason has been branded “The Employee Whisperer” by his clients.

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The larger your company is, the more difficult it can be to stay tuned into what’s happening beneath the surface.

Most big corporations end up faced with union talks because they’ve lost touch with their employees and have let their focus shift to productivity and results rather than the well-being of the people who work for them.

Jason Greer helps businesses with large employee rosters get a next-level understanding of what their people are really experiencing in the workplace and guides them to a resolution that provides the same level of safety and satisfaction as a union. By uncovering the exact causes of employee unrest and the breakdown of the connection between executive leadership and everyone below, Jason hand delivers an unmatched level of insight into the way your people think and feel in the workplace, along with a custom-tailored action plan on how to address their growing dissatisfaction and create a more unified and engaged staff than ever before.

You can’t afford to lose touch with your employees.

Let me help guide you toward safety and satisfaction.

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